Frequent questions

Solutions to navigate in Radiosdeguate

Note: The most common problem to navigate: It is to use the Internet explorer browser, old versions and browsers. outdated that do not support Html5

We recommend using Google Chrome , Mozzilla Firefox if you have problems with the desktop version of Chrome, update it easily.

On the top on the right side of the browser there is 3 points click there then search for Help, enter click on Info of Google Chrome and you're ready for verification

For browser applications on your cell phone you should update the latest version. To update Google Chrome. To update Mozilla Firefox

Unfortunately, this browser does not support many audio and video sources , which means that you do not enjoy all the content of Radiosdeguate in its entirety. Please Use another web browser.
Some radio stations close their online transmission at the end of the last shift in the cabin. resetting in the morning following the start of the first shift at the station.
Add a means of communication to the directory is free.
The first thing that can happen is that your Internet connection is very low. for TV you need minimum 1 Mega and up. The second can be a problem with your mobile device or desktop.
We do not keep the cell phone numbers to enter to identify which company a cell phone number belongs to. your security is guaranteed
We do not save your text messages since we use the direct source of the cell phone company to achieve the connection.
The station may no longer be available in the directory, it may have been moved or its name changed. Contact us to add media. use our internal search engine to locate the content

In the early morning, we try to quote the purchase and sale of the day's dollar of the Guatemalan banks. This data may vary throughout the day for the Guatemalan banking entities, leaving the quotation at that time unlikely. our portal.
Sorry we do not have at the moment the possibility of promoting musical productions.
Sorry our policies do not allow radio stations to enter that are only on the Internet.